KIC Krones
KIC Krones: the professionals for everything to do with labelling and packaging adhesives

Choosing the appropriate adhesive plays a major role when it comes to packaging foods and beverages. High-performance adhesive is required for labelling bottles and containers, and for packing and sealing cardboard packages. With its labelling and packaging adhesives for foods and beverages, Krones offers a wide choice of variants for perfect presentation of your product on the market and optimum handling during warehousing and transport. Choosing the right adhesive for your particular label variant on the bottle material specified and for the carton package selected requires professional input.

KIC Krones offers an abundant choice of labelling and packaging adhesives – responsively matched to the requirements of labelling and gluing processes, the container and pack surfaces involved, and the environmental conditions obtaining. To complement these products, you can also purchase the important consumables for your labellers and packers from KIC Krones: lubricants and cleaning solutions designed to ensure maximised reliability and hygiene for your kit.